#Zaful summer collection

Last summer days bringing hot sunny rays motivated me to prepare a summer post as below. Rompers were very trendy this season and I love them so much. This time I chose a white elegant romper from ZAFUL. They offer a wide range of products like beautiful, original dresses and shoes for different occassions, gorgeous jewelry like bracelets and necklaces as presented in my post. The size I chose (S) is like tailor – made! It’s perfect! When I opened a delivery box I was very suprised to see high quality of every single item delivered. I love ZAFUL Online Store not only for variety of products but also for attractive price for best quality. Moreover, shipping of orders for over $30 is free of charge. I received my order only just in a few days perfectly packed. For my post I selected ZAFUL romper, glasses, bracelets and necklace. Links to these presented products you will find below. This outfit is suitable for a wedding, a date or evening party, you decide 😉 Heavy black boots and leather jacket make this outfit more sporty and grunge. And now you you can check out the ZAFUL ONLINE STORE here.





What I wore today?

  1. Long Sleeve Romper
  2. Geometric Pendant Pecklace
  3. Crossbar mirrored pilot sunglasses
  4. Faux leather braided bracelet
  5. Owl heart braided bracelet

One Comment Add yours

  1. świetny kombinezon! ja też zakupiłam ostatnio kilka rzeczy w zaful są naprawdę świetne;)

    Lubię to


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